Dictionary of fantastical creatures/in progress




It is an editorial project based on my interest in myths that I reappropriate through my personal history. I would like this dictionary to coexist with my performative research on monsters as a poetic documentation.
My creations compose an intimate cosmogony in this ongoing "dictionary of fantastical creatures".

By being isolated from a certain reality, the fantastic creatures reveal another, a subterranean one, and lead to a permanent redefinition, through innumerable hypotheses, of what is real and what is fictitious.

The access point is through writing and drawing which reveal a propagation of hybrid monstrosities. The blurred line between conscious and unconscious generates a feeling of bewilderment and of an uncanny familiarity.
In this dictionary, the images reach an unprecedented degree of unstable inventiveness and constantly metamorphose into something else.

This book takes the reader to the edge of contemporary phantasmagoria. Unfortunately, for the moment, these fantastic hybrid creatures are locked up into a fantastic monstrological garden. There one crosses beings wandering in their identity deflagrations: devoured, frenetic, nervous, violent, erotic, funny, cute and adorable. All these characters, hidden in my shifting creatures, radiate the truth of the human body that an illusory carnal appearance tries to hide.

In my opinion, looking at what disturbs us allows us to see reality in a different light.
This light is infused with the fear and anxiety I felt.
This cosmogony I have built is not only an indicator of the horrors and despairs I faced, but also a kind of breakthrough to survive.
Ruin, disorder, decay, the macabre, the erotic and the ridiculous intertwine to break out of their cages and conquer our minds.

Anyway, here is the strange world where I explore the abyss of my indomitable curiosity. I invite you into a devilishly story filled with a sweet poison.

Création, écriture et dessin  Kidows Kim

 Drawing  ©Kidows Kim