My name is Kidows, I was born in South Korea in a satellite town outside of Seoul.
I first studied graphic design in Korea before moving to Paris to study mime; I got a diploma for mime artistry in 2015. After completing a training course at the CNDC in Angers in contemporary dance, I continued my research within the Exerce Masters at the National Choreographic Center of Montpellier
direction Christian Rizz
 between 2018 and 2020.

My creations compose an intimate cosmogony in the form of a "dictionary of fantastical creatures".
I recently unveiled the first chapter, a strangely monstrous solo called FUNKENSTEIN (2021) at the Belluard Bollwerk Festival.
. I will then open the second section, “CUTTING MUSHROOMS"(2023). At the same time, I develop a series of timely and ephemeral performances around my obsession for manga.

I immerse myself in the "Monstrarcheology", i.e. the method of excavating an organic form consisting of unfinished microscopic transformations and a process of irrationally collecting underground imagery.

Based on this method, I explore the monstrosity that emerges by deconstructing the dominant ideas of the collective unconscious by distorting the human body’s normativity, and by distorting the voice and everyday objects. These three elements combine in an extremely absurd triptych.

Through an improvisation practice and an intuitive exhumation, I attempt to extract the extreme absurdity hidden within the prosaic. Wandering between the figurative and the abstract where monstrosity is omnipresent to reveal strange creatures.

During this uninterrupted exploration, the precarious appearance of connections and ruptures constantly diffuses indeterminable choreographic material. In doing so, the unfulfillment of an infinite mutation brings out an impalpable physicality.

This tangled methodology depicts a performative epic poem composed with personal myths.




Image: © Jung-soon Yang